Window Cleaning

Step #1

window_wash1We thoroughly apply our cleaning solution





Step #2

window_wash2Squeegee the windows to their brightest possible luster





Step #3

window_wash3Clean the tracks for an additional charge





Step #4

What sets us apart? Details and pride. We actually polish those spots others have been trying to take out.




Residential Window Cleaning

With several window cleaning options available we are sure you will find your window cleaning needs met to suit your specific requirements to make your windows sparkling new and clean.




Commercial Window Cleaning

We’re able to scale any commercial building or highrise to clean its windows. Have worked previously on Bellevue skyscrapers.




Key Benefits
  • You can see!
  • The feeling that you have finished your already immaculate home
  • You didn’t have to do it, and you had it done at a reasonable price with a guarantee of satisfaction, from a quality company
  • You have had your windows cleaned by the best possible team!
  • We guarantee your satisfaction or we will gladly return, inspect, and rectify any problems. We value customer satisfaction, as our repeat business is the heart of our success at JC Window Services



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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Why do I need a professional window cleaning service when I have a bottle of glass cleaner and paper towels?
    A: While you could use your own elbow grease and cleaning supplies, those types of cleaners do not provide the deep clean you get from a professional service. And while you may have a ladder to reach the second or even third story windows, you could easily fall and injure yourself. It’s best to leave it to the professionals who have expert knowledge and proper tools and equipment.

    Q: What kind of cleaning tools and solution do you use?
    A: We use water-fed poles that do not require ladders and filter the water to optimize the cleanliness of your home or business’ windows. We also use a chemical-free process with only deionized water for a clean, streak-free shine.

    Q: How often should I have my windows cleaned for my residence or business?
    A: The industry recommendation is for exterior windows to receive treatment twice per year and interior windows treated at least once per year. Some homeowners, however, require far more frequent cleaning, so it’s best to get a free estimate.

    Q: Do you clean storm windows or other specialty windows?
    A: We do. We treat them with the same utmost care as we do with all our window cleaning jobs. Because storm windows require more delicate handling, we do require the homeowner to sign our form that releases us from liability should the storm window or the frame become damaged.

    JC Window Services cleans commercial and residential gutters and windows and provides pressure washing service to residents of Seattle and greater areas such as Lynnwood, Bothell, Woodinville, Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue, Issaquah, Rent, Kent, Tukwila and beyond.

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